A dedicated team helping you to find new prospects, clients and talent !


Omnichannel approach

Cold Calling

Why is the telephone essential in 2023?
How to ally motivation with results?
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Cold Mailing

Cold Mailing, Deliverability, DNS Setup, RGPD
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Prospecting on Linkedin in 2023: why should you think about it?
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Our multilingual team will assist you at tradeshows in French, English and German-speaking countries.

Google Ads

Google Ads Search & Display certified, we assist you in capturing the autonomy of the buying act with impactful advertising campaigns.
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Linkedin awareness

Post writing, audience development for your profile or your business page.
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Content Marketing

Develop your audience on the different media, optimise your search engine optimisation (SEO).
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What we stand for




Our Team

Pierre-Jean Becker

Chief Harvester FR-EN-GER-IT

Guillaume D.

Business Development Manager FR - EN

Marine R.

Inbound Marketing Manager FR - EN - GER

Anatole M.

Business Engineer FR

Sarah V.

Business Engineer FR - EN - GER

Baptiste M.

Business Engineer FR

Valentin L.

Headhunter FR

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Because all the people from Metz are good people!
Let’s start by getting to know each other during a meeting and we will see if a collaboration is possible and appropriate. You can access the agenda of our leader in the menu.

MESSOR operates in B2B sales cycles. We do not approach “consumers” or individuals. We do not sell databases. Our CRM is siloed so that our clients’ databases cannot communicate with each other.

We work with consulting firms or B2B service companies whose business is not scalable. (because they are not fully digitisable). We share some of the tools of the “Growth Hackers” but the similarity ends there. Another major point of differentiation: unlike GH agencies, we use the telephone a lot.

We do not read crystal balls. Selling is a team effort. If your offer has a market potential that you know how to meet, we will get results.

Nice touch! We work on a white label basis for most of our partners. It is therefore sometimes preferable not to show MESSOR in our Linkedin professional experiences.

You can send an unsolicited application to the following address: rh@messor.fr. To join MESSOR on a full-time basis, you need to have a 5-year degree. We are also regularly looking for interns and part-time students.

No. For example, we have recently been involved in recruiting sales managers, IT consultants, Lean Manufacturing consultants, etc.

We provide flexibility, expertise in a field where there is a shortage of quality profiles, the peace of mind of being able to concentrate on what you love to do… and many other reasons!

Contact us

Pierre-Jean Becker

Chief Harvester

Messor, from the Latin messis which means “harvest”.

27 place Saint Thiébault, 57000 Metz

+33 3 87 74 89 89